Notes on HCG

Move through the published articles on weight loss, and you’re going to end up with a lot of information on how to drop weight, and get lean. Whether you need to go on an extreme diet or you want to pursue any number of options, you are going to find that there’s a great deal of opportunity that comes within the world of losing fat and maintaining it after the fact. What most people don’t realize is that there are things that you can do to make it much easier to manage. This all begins with the notion of supplements, and the work that they do with the body’s natural elements. When you combine several elements together, you are going to see results come through in a fast paced manner.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)

1hcgdropsTaking a look at the option to add hcg into your system is one way to look at the world of dieting and seeing results. For best results visit The goal here is to get results that are going to stay and that means that you’ll have to factor in several different elements overall. At the biological level, this is something that comes through the body. There’s several elements that you can look into, and when you start to break it down, you may be confused as to how it helps with losses. Searching online will show you that it’s something related to pregnancy and women. However, when isolated, and used in creating weight loss, it’s tied to the metabolic system.

When combined with the notes on the diet, you will find that caloric intake is measured, significantly dropped and pushed through on a whole new level. It’s something that is going to help you get moving forward in the right direction and possibly get yourself into a whole new framework of understanding. Simply put, it isolates the fat cells and takes them away to give you results.

Does It Work?

Yes. The diet and exercise portion of what many are calling the hcg diet works and has been proven effective time and time again. You may have seen reports on it, and it’s definitely one of the more interesting options that you are going to traverse through. It’s simply a methodology that lends itself well to the use of natural elements within the body. It balances out a variety of different things and helps you create substantial results and benefits overall. It works on a greater deal of supplemental nuances that can bring about a great deal of good for the body in the long term.

When looking into applying the principles found within this diet plan, however, you have to consider the larger picture. Finding a way to balance things together and make sure that they are working to the greater good of the body is key. If you do not have any sort of balance, you are going to end up losing out on the big picture, and that’s something that is definitely hard to really define in one easy sentence.

The Results

Results are really all you need to determine whether or not these are going to help you create a good vantage point moving forward. Look for testimonials, reviews, and more within the scope of this solution and you will see that there are a lot of things that you can move forward with to help you with the real weight loss solutions that abound today. However, what you will see amidst the use of this option is that it works, and does so through the body’s natural elements. That’s the big deal here, and one worth pursuing on a grand scale.

Reasons Why Custom Challenge Coins are Good for Your Business

Challenge coins are initially produced to boost the morale of military members during the World War 1, World War 2, and the Civil War. Custom challenge coins were created to verify the identity of military officers and confirm their affiliation with the US military. In some cases, military challenge coins have saved a number of soldiers from execution. These coins are usually made of metals such as brass, bronze, gold, silver, and even platinum. The emblem, logo, or motto of the distributing organization is usually engraved on the coin. These coins are also used to recognize a military officer’s rank and are usually given when a military officer is promoted. These coins are also used to award exceptional performance and bravery. In some cases, challenge coins are awarded solely for participating in a complex and challenging military mission.

Custom Challenge CoinsToday, custom challenge coins are not only used in military units and organizations. Challenge coins are also used by large and small corporations to boost the morale and create a sense of camaraderie amongst their employees and staff. It is also widely used by civic and non-profit organizations.

If you are having difficulty in strengthening your brand or motivating your employees, then it is high time that you consider producing customized challenge coins for your company. Here are the benefits that you could derive from these customized challenge coins:

1.  Brand Recognition

You could distribute special challenge coins to huge clients and potential customers. Challenge coins were used during the 1824 election to campaign for a candidate. Challenge coins are widely displayed by the holders. This is the reason why challenge coins are great tools for marketing and increasing brand recognition. Challenge coins are amazing devices that could increase brand and company awareness. You can find a lot of coin producers on the internet and you could submit your brand logo as a design.

2.  Team Building

If your team members are not united and do not take pride in being part of your team or organization, then you could give them special limited edition company challenge coins to build solidarity. You could design these coins in such a way that it builds solidarity and a sense of pride in being affiliated with a team. You need to design and produce the coins in such a way that it will bring pride and honor to your employees. If you have an elite member of top sellers, then it is wise to have coins produced only for this team. It will give them a sense of pride and boost their morale. If your employees have high morale, they are happier with their work and they are more productive. They are also going to produce high quality output.

3.  Better employee performance through performance recognition

Most successful companies have mastered the art of making their employees feel important. Recognizing and appreciating great work is the key to many companies’ success. It is not enough that you pay your employees well. It is also necessary to appreciate hard work and excellent performance in small ways. One way to do this is by giving custom challenge coins for a job well done. If your sales agent has exceeded the monthly sales quota, let that agent know how much you appreciate his exemplary performance by giving challenge coins. Appreciating the sacrifices and efforts of your employees will greatly benefit your business. Business analysts believe that happy employees are equal to more output and more profit. Happy employees are also more creative than unhappy ones. Happy employees make the clients happy and when clients are happy, it means that business is well and thriving.

Custom lanyards that suit your needs

There are thousands of reasons why you would like to have custom lanyards, or any other lanyards that you can lay your hands on. Lanyards are very useful for they have this functionality that is unique to lanyards that will always make them a well sought after item. Lanyards have their important part to play in keeping your items near, and will prevent them from getting dropped or lost. It is a very effective in keeping your precious items near you and will give you enough slack to use that item when you have to without even detaching the lanyard from your belt or coat.

There are many uses for custom lanyards, as there are many uses for personalized lanyards. They range from the very basic and practical, to elegant and even downright tactical. These are only some of its uses and there is still so much more functions that personalized lanyards can offer and give you.

lanyardsLeather custom lanyards are very elegant and very useful. It is also well appreciated by people who have material sensitivities. Most people who are sensitive to metals and other synthetic materials like rubber, nylon and polyester would definitely prefer leather. Leather lanyards can usually found with outdoor equipment store as leather is most suitable when going out to rugged terrain with the possibility of excessive moisture. Also they are well suited to be in partner with leather bags and as an accessory to mobile phones and mobile gadgets which enclosed in leather cases.

Metals are strong and very durable which makes them very suitable as a material in making custom lanyards. Metals are easily formed and shaped which make them a well preferred material in making personalized lanyards. When polished, metals give a luster unique to its own, very eye catching and shine which almost is not easy to pass.

Metallic custom lanyards are very elegant looking especially when they are made of stainless steel, silver or gold. While stainless steel is strong, shiny and easy to customize they are less valuable than the other two materials mentioned, yet it is very useful in keeping your keys and wallet safe within your reach.

While silver and gold costs more than stainless steel they still have their very own elegant part to play still. Silver can very well function as a lanyard for a lot of elegant time pieces which are so elegant that they can only be carried as pocket watches. Customized precision pocket watches are very valuable and elegant that they need elegant lanyards to go with them. Silver watches need silver lanyards, and gold fabulous time piece should be secured with the appropriate gold lanyard. Most elegant precision time pieces are custom made, so it is only appropriate that they are paired with silver or gold custom lanyards to complete the set.

For strength, durability, ruggedness and quick deployment purposes you will need a whole new level and type of materials which are now readily available in the market. Such materials as nylon, polymer, Kevlar and other synthetic materials are appropriate for this type of custom lanyards. These rugged custom made lanyards are best applied to military or tactical use. They need to be strong so they are not easily broken or cut for safety and protective reasons. Tactical custom lanyards must be very flexible yet as strong as steel for it to be practical that is why they are mostly made from nylon, canvass, Kevlar or a mix of materials for them to meet tactical standards. These lanyards must withstand extreme weather conditions without or little change with their strength and flexibility, and they must also be reliable when used as any tactical way possible as you will never know when a pistol lanyard can easily become a lifeline out in the tactical field.

Custom lanyards have their own functions and uses according to how they are made, what they are made of and what they are designed to be used for. Whatever that those uses are, one way or another you will want a lanyard to use yourself sooner than later.

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Difference between Private Offices and Movable Cubicles

Movable cubicles are the latest craze in these recent times.But latest surveys show that private offices are going to continue to exist.

This is because private offices are still preferred by company managers, executives, and officers as they give them the sufficient privacy required of their business positions.

Whether for rank and file employees or higher management and corporate officers, both movable cubicles and private offices do provide the right amount of privacy, only at different levels. Look at some of the differences between the two:

Movable cubicles1 Movable cubicles are more flexible, but only private offices can give the privacy needed by those with higher positions. Cubicles offer enough privacy for staff workers to have more focus on their tasks, but because they only have three walls, and most often all do not touch the ceiling, privacy is less. In a cubicle, people can still see and hear the person inside it and can enter the premises whenever they want to even without the tenant’s consent. However, cubicles are best to encourage better communication and collaboration among team members, which are highly important in an organization.

Because it has a door, a private office gives more seclusion. A manager can perform all his corporate functions better inside it. He can read and assess classified company documents and can make and receive confidential phone calls without worrying about whether someone might be watching or how loud his voice is.

2. Movables cubicles have lesser space than private offices,and that may prove to be better when you think of the financial bottom line. The average size of a modern cubicle is eight feet by eight feet, with walls of five to six feet in height. Some are more or less bigger or smaller. This standard size proves to be effective in finding the right balance between privacy and accessibility.

While private offices have more than enough space for a person, the problem is it is usually occupied by only one single person. This kind of arrangement is not cost-effective if applied to all employees of the company. It is better that the corporate officers only have this privilege. Besides, they all need and deserve it.

3. Both movable cubicles and private offices can give you the isolation to increase your productivity and the opportunity to be interrupted. It just depends on how you will handle both. In terms of teamwork and collaboration, cubicle sare better as you are easily available for your teammate to talk to and ask important questions. A private office can also be interrupted by asking its occupant’s permission by politely knocking.

4. Private offices are more of a status symbol. If you have one, it’s more than likely that you are a manager, an executive, or a CEO. Having your own office is a sign of honor and distinction that says you are “already there.”

According to a 2007 survey conducted by leading office furniture company Herman Miller, 95 percent of company executives and 89 percent of senior managers still prefer to work in private offices.

5. Private offices are more comfortable in terms of space and size, but cubicles are more effective when it comes to teamwork, creativity, and innovation. Some corporate quality assessment survey results reveal that it is more important for an employee to be empowered in using his ingenuity and imagination and to have his opinions heard than to have a comfortable workspace.

The right balance of private offices and cubicles are needed for a company to sustain excellent performance. Both have their pros and cons, and with the right mix, an organization can take full advantage of the strong points of both types of workstations.

PCB Assembly Design Guidelines

Before you go and work on your PCB assembly, you have to keep in mind that there are certain guidelines that you must adhere to in order for it to work properly. Here are those guidelines:

Pad Design and Solder Masking

The PCB Assembly’s Solder Pad should by no means be larger than the solder mask so that optimal strength can be expected. There should be a 1:1 ratio for the pad and the mask.

You will need non-solder masks because it has been determined that these masks have copper-etching capabilities that make the PCB even more effective. They are also able to make the solder pad more reliable and are able to give it a longer life.

Guidelines for Board Mounting

As this process deals with stencil design of the PCB Assembly, it is important that you give utmost care and attention to it. Use only stainless steel stencils that are metal squeegees and with a thickness of 0.10 to 0.20 millimeters. However, if you are going to use polymer squeegees, make sure that you use at least 90 durometer minimum.

PCB assemblyElectro-polished and laser-cut stencils are a must. This is because polishing the stencils makes them smoother and therefore, make them easier to attach. It is also recommended that you use tapers with bottoms of 25 to 50 microns so that paste can be easily released. Do not exceed an aspect of 1.5 and a ratio of 0.66 to maintain proper stencil design.

Use type 3 or 4 solder paste in mounting the assembly. It would also be helpful if you use Nitrogen Purge so that gasses would easily reflow around the system and so that there would be less risk of voiding the solder joints. You should also ensure that there is enough time for gasses to escape from the molten solder.

Peak temperature and profile of reflow also have strong influences on void formation. It would be better if you follow the recommendation of paste makers on the packages.

Design and Trace

You have to use the dog-bone style pad with a pitch of 0.8 or 0.5 millimeters so the pitch could easily land on the pad. Take note that the holes need tenting so you have to leave a space with a width of 0.075 millimeters in order for dimensions to be detailed and so that there would be proper PCB breakout.

Guidelines for Rework

Retouch is limited because the solder joints are not fully exposed. If you see any defects, you have to remove the whole package and assemble it again. This might be a challenge as PCB assembly parts are quite small but with the right guidelines in mind, you will be able to do a fine job.

In order to make sure that you get to place those parts the right way, you have to check if the PCB is dry. If it is, you are on the right track. Next, you should work on the solder joints and place it on the PCB. Heat the board from the side convector to easily remove the parts and be able to place them again.

Clean the site so it will be easier for you to work. Use a soldering blade and a conductive tool to do the cleaning. You should now be able to do solder-pasting again by using a miniature stencil. You can also use the mini stencil to print the paste.

Attachment and Placement

Lastly, perform alignment with the help of 50x by 100x magnification so the placement machine would easily understand what you are doing. Use the reflow profile to easily attach the PCB assembly parts and so that the need for thermocouple feedback will be lessened or eliminated. This will also help reduce dependency on operators. offer exotic substrates such as Aluminum Core PCB’s, Nelco, Arlon, and many others.

Finding the Right Space in Commercial Real Estate Long Island

It is a challenge to find the right fit for commercial real estate Long Island. There may have been available space but does it live to how it is advertised?

There may have been a shortage on some lots. In Long Island, commercial properties are not exactly as available as you could expect it to be. But it is worth a try to check out the choices that could possibly fit your business needs. After all, some offers would only show their terms if they have found someone serious enough to talk to.

Real EstateNegotiating for available space for lease or rent at commercial real estate Long Island should be a right fit for the business you are planning to put up. There are some spots available close to the shore for good reason. People often enjoy going to the beach. Crowds tend to gather by the seashore. The next thing you know, there are several sets of tables and chairs enjoying grilled food served by the seaside. That is the appeal of commercial real estate Long Island. It brings you where it is often famous for.

Now that you have taken into consideration some spots to buy, lease or rent, the next concern is knowing where people mostly go to chill or hangout. There are certain spots by the bay that are more populated than others since big rocks add some rustic appeal to the beach. Seeing the sea waves splash against the rocks and remain sturdy after all this time gets you into meditative mood too.

Around this time, you already noticed how some couples spend time by the beach to enjoy each other’s company. It’s the kind of market that some grills and bars have already thought about prior to putting up their various joints at li-realestatefinder.

But don’t forget about contingency plans too in Long Island. What may have been financially viable now might be receiving a lukewarm response much later on. You can never tell how dynamic the market could ever get so you need to be dynamic yourself as an entrepreneur.

Now once you have decided on a spot by the seashore for you to buy and put up your shop, no matter what business it may be, ask yourself too if this location would be conducive to productivity. If it sounds like a tough question to ask yourself, then perhaps it is a reality check on your part. Not all spaces can be encouraging to work for some people. Before finding the right space in commercial real estate Long Island, don’t forget to ask yourself if the chosen spot is conducive to productivity.

Don’t buy yet. Consider if leasing would be a better alternative. This is where you start to expand your choices as an entrepreneur and get discounted deals on a monthly lease that is yours for the taking. Besides, you are still just trying it out. How would the locals in Long Island respond to the business that you are about to put up? It helps you save money for the meantime until you have firmed up your resolve to buy one and quit paying the monthly lease.

To see what choices are available for you, get in touch with your nearest real estate broker. Consider all the tips provided in this article when choosing.

Survival Tips Using Logo Lanyards

It’s that accident that everyone’s afraid of. Maybe a big earthquake caused your building to collapse, or some technical errors made your plane crash. Never mind the situation; the truth is, you’re alone and you need to survive and get saved. If you have a bunch of logo lanyards around, then these may help do that job. More about Logo Lanyard is given at

Attract Attention

Logo LanyardsMost logo lanyards are long, thick, and (most especially) colorful. Color is one of the main means by which people’s attention can be drawn.

If you get stuck under a collapsed building after an earthquake, you may use the lanyards to widen your radius of getting found. Search and rescue missions need as much clues as they can to find the positions of victims. Place those lanyards within shouting distance from you and keep an open ear. The lanyard colors would likely stand out from the grey tones of concrete and dust. If you feel like someone’s seen it, shout with all your might.

If your plane crashes and, for some bizarre reason, you found a crate of lanyards lying about, you could use these to create signs to be seen from above by passing airplanes. Create large SOS or HELP signs on the beach or mountain side.

If you find yourself within a forest, cut up these lanyards into smaller ribbons, find a body of water, and mark your path every few minutes. This ensures that you won’t be going around in circles. Once you find that body of water, try to follow it. Most rivers lead to either an ocean or a town, where it is more likely for you to be saved.

Hiking Aides

Getting into an accident may sometimes entail having to rough it. Any hiker knows the importance of having ropes during these instances. Lanyards can do as an alternative, especially when braided together. As stated earlier, you have to mark your trail. Aside from the assurance that you’re not going in circles, this could help any other survivors find help through your marks. Since lanyards can be used as ropes, they can be used to pull things from branches, or help you climb down a cliff, if need be. You just need to have a lot of lanyards and tie them securely to each other.

Keep Your Stuff Together

If your ship is sinking, then you need prepare to keep as much of your stuff and survival paraphernalia together. In this case, having ropes of some sort can be very essential. Lanyards can do the trick. If you can’t swim, put on your life vest as early as possible to prevent stress later on. Make sure you have your survival kit containing cans of food and bottles of water. Include personal belongings, like IDs, wallets, medicines, and a phone. Rope all of these together so that when your ship sinks, your stuff won’t sink with it or float away from you. Once you’re more stable, try to catch a signal. This indicates that you’re close to civilization.

It Identifies You

When all is lost, however, you are faced with the decision to just accept death. Some accidents can be very severe and result in loss of hope on your part. The logo lanyards can carry your IDs and company affiliation. When rescuers find your body, they won’t have a difficult time identifying who you are. After all, you wouldn’t want your remains to be mistaken for somebody else’s and given to a different family, right?

Having these long, tough, colorful materials called logo lanyards can help you survive through accidents. You could maximize their eye catching colors and designs to help others pinpoint your location. Or, you could use their length as alternative to ropes.